DCBS Family Satisfaction Logging
  • We would like your ideas on how you were served at DCBS.
  • Your ideas, as our client, are greatly valued and help to improve services.
  • You do not have to take this survey, but if you do no one will know who completed the survey.
  • Your reply cannot be tied to your name in any way.
  • Thank you for taking time to answer these 12 questions.
County of Service
Survey Questions
  • 1) I know how to get services through DCBS.
  • 2) My worker helped me get services from others.
  • 3) My worker treated me with respect.
  • 4) My worker asked for my ideas.
  • 5) My worker listened to my ideas.
  • 6) My worker used my ideas to help my family.
  • 7) My worker is professional and polite.
  • 8) My worker knows that my family has good qualities.
  • 9) I know what my worker expects me to do.
  • 10) My family has been helped by DCBS.
  • 11) How long has DCBS been working with you?

  • 12) Were your children ever removed and placed in state custody?

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