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KAPE is the Kentucky Adoption Profile Exchange in the Department for Community Based Services, the state's public child welfare agency. KAPE began in 1979, originally known as SNAP, the Special Needs Adoption Program, and being renamed in 2018. The program was developed in response to the increasing number of children who were spending too long in care without a permanent foster home.

Thank you for considering Kentucky’s waiting children. All of the KAPE children who are photo listed on this Web site are legally free for adoption, and do not have an identified adoptive family. The children identified in sibling groups must be adopted together and not individually. For agency information or for information in regard to the listed children please call (800)928-4303 or (800) 432-9346, or e-mail the KAPE specialist listed under the child’s name. Please have the ID for the child(ren) you are interested in, which is listed under the child’s photo, and fill out the inquiry interest form.


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Please note: Photographs and profiles of waiting children are very effective in helping them find loving families. As you get to know the children on these web pages, please remember that they live in our communities. They may attend school or church with someone you know. We ask for your help in guarding their privacy. Thank you.

If interested in a child/children or becoming a Foster Parent, please fill out the " Adoption Inquiry Submission " Form.

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