Community Collaboration for Children (CCC) services are in-home based services that educate, strengthen, and support families to prevent child abuse and neglect.  CCC empowers the family unit by promoting the safety, well-being, strength, and stability of children and families by teaching problem-solving skills, appropriate discipline techniques, self- sufficiency, and coordinating community resources.  Services address children’s physical, mental, emotional and educational needs while strengthening and supporting families.  CCC accepts referrals from community partners, self-referrals, family, friends, and the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS).  CCC services are available free to families whom maintain custody of children across the state. 

CCC’s target population includes the following:
• Children with disabilities
• Teenage parents and parents who are young adults
• Parents with disabilities
• Single family households
• Families with young children
• Low-income families – families in poverty
• Families who are struggling
• Children who are truant or exhibiting problems in a school system
• Grandparents or caregivers raising children
• Homeless families and those at risk of homelessness
• Unaccompanied homeless youth

For more information, refer to the CCC directory below.

Regional Coordinator & In-Home Based Supervisor Directory - 2018/2019