Relatives and fictive kin caregivers may be eligible to receive a one-time monetary benefit that is based on each child’s immediate needs upon placement in your home, such as furniture, a deposit for a larger apartment, clothing, school supplies, etc.  Please inquire with the social worker who placed the child in your home about this benefit. 

RFKPSB may not exceed $350 for one (1) child; $700 for two (2) children; $1050 for three (3) children; $1400 for four (4) children; $1750 for five (5) children; and $2100 for six (6) or more children.  The RPSB is issued by check or electronic fund transfer directly to the relative or vendor providing for the needed service or item when the relative or cabinet is granted temporary custody.  RFKPSB may be received in conjunction with foster care payments, and if the caregiver wishes to pursue approval as a foster parent.