Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Who is eligible for SSI?
An application for SSI can be made at the local Social Security Administration office.  To be eligible for SSI, a child must be blind or disabled.  There is no minimum age requirement for receiving SSI benefits and the benefits can continue until age 18 or until age 22 if regularly attending school.  When a child turns 18, his or her impairments are evaluated based on the definition of disability for adults.  
If I have income and/or own a home, can my grandchild still be eligible for SSI? 
You can have income and your grandchild still qualify for SSI.  The process of determining how much of your income and resources are available to your grandchild is called “deeming.”  

What resources are exempt from “deeming?”
A home, one vehicle, Veterans’ benefits, K-TAP benefits, foster care payments and pension funds are examples of income and resources that are exempt from being counted in the deeming process.
Can my grandchild’s SSI benefits be sent to me?
Yes, a representative payee can be designated to receive SSI benefits on behalf of a child under the age of 18 or for adults who cannot care for themselves.  The representative payee must spend the SSI benefits for the maintenance, health and welfare of the child receiving the benefits. 
What is the maximum SSI benefit my grandchild can receive?
The maximum individual benefit under SSI is $674.00 per month as of 2009.

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