Good news, that job at McDonalds is actually getting you one-step closer to your dream job! Youth are often met with disappoint when they realize their first job may not be the one of their dreams. The reality is that it takes time to develop the skill set and acquire the training that will qualify you for your dream job. However, no experience is a waste. Work experiences give you the opportunity to develop relationships and mentors who will help you fulfill your goals. Every job also gives you an opportunity to develop the basic skills you will need to be successful in any job and in life in general.

These skills include:

Fostering Success

Fostering Success Group One Fostering Success Group Two

Fostering Success is the state’s summer employment program for current and former foster youth (18 to 23 years old). This 10-week program will give you an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to be successful in any career path. The program provides a paid internship in either a local DCBS office or local business. The program matches participants with Job Coaches who will assist them with professional development and career planning support. High performing participants will have the opportunity to remain in the program for 9 months.

Registration starts in March. For more information, email: Chafee.ilp@ky.gov.