Moving out on your own is one of the biggest milestones of becoming a young adult. While exciting, it can also be scary. It is important you consider a few questions before moving out on your own:

  1. Can you afford it? Moving out on your own is expensive. It usually involves security and utilities deposits in addition to the first month’s rent. You will need furniture and other household items. Then you will need to be able to afford the rent and utility each month along with the other expenses such as food, telephone, internet, household supplies, transportation etc. Before you sign a lease? , be sure you can afford the place. You will be required to stay there until the end of the lease or face financial penalties. Before you sign on the dotted line, see if you can afford it at   How Much Rent Can I Afford - Rental Calculator | Apartments.com         
  2. Is the apartment near a laundry facility?
  3. Are there grocery stores nearby?
  4. Is it close to public transportation?
  5. Does it offering parking?
  6. Is the neighborhood safe?
  7. Is the apartment building and unit safe?
  8. Is it on the first floor? Living on the first floor makes you more accessible for burglars to get it.
  9. Is it near work or school?
  10. Can you afford the apartment?
  11. Are utilities (electric, water and trash) included in the rent?
  12. Who is responsible for things such as shoveling snow, mowing the lawn etc.?
  13. Are you required to have renter’s insurance?