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Life Skills Reimagined by LYFT Learning


Life Skills Reimagined is an online independent living curriculum for youth in state’s care between the ages of 16-21 years old.

User Guide 



Youth who complete the curriculum will receive a $300 Visa egift card. Completion of the curriculum will unlock a final survey. Completion of this survey will automatically trigger the incentive payment. The gift card will be emailed to the youth within 4 weeks. The youth should ensure the email they enter in the LYFT platform is correct. The email must be the youth’s personal email address. The gift card cannot be emailed to someone else’s email address, including a social worker, case worker, foster parent, etc. The gift card also cannot be sent to a email address.

PDF Materials

In addition to the online platform, LYFT also includes PDF materials including Action Plans, Application Guides and other resources. Youth can print these forms directly from their online LYFT account.

Partner agencies may also want to have copies ready to distribute to their youth. To request a workbook with the PDF materials, email:


For a training on how to use the LYFT platform, click the link below:

LYFT Learning Webinar


Q: How old does a youth have to be to complete the curriculum?

A: Youth must be at least 16 years old to complete the curriculum.

Q: Are former foster youth eligible to complete the curriculum?

A: No, youth must be currently committed to complete the curriculum.

Q: Are youth who have already completed the paper IL packet and received the $300 stipend eligible to complete LYFT?

A: Youth who have previously completed the paper IL packet are eligible to complete the LYFT curriculum but they are not eligible for another incentive.

Q: Do you have to complete the entire curriculum to earn the incentive?

A: Yes! Youth must complete the entire curriculum to earn the incentive.