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Kentucky Resources for Independence Success & Empowerment

Glenda Wright

Hello, my name is Glenda and I am a former foster youth. I would like to welcome you to the Kentucky RISE portal, Kentucky's one stop shop for transition aged foster youth. Here you will find helpful information about all the resources and services available to current and former foster youth such as education benefits, housing options and aftercare services. I am so excited for you all to have this as a resource. I would have loved to have this website when I was in foster care. I hope you take full advantage of all the information available on this website. I would like to end by saying that each of you has the chance to achieve your goals. I recently earned my bachelor's degree in Business and Legal Studies. I have been able to be a foster youth advocate that has helped change legislation here in Kentucky, and now I am headed to law school to achieve one of my life long goals and dreams of becoming an attorney. Those things would have not been possible if I did not believe in myself and taken advantage of all the resources and opportunities offered to current and former foster youth. So, never let your past determine your future, because I didn't, and neither should you. Be great, as I know every one of you are.

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